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About Sell My House Quickly

We are a family run business with a passion for property

We have been buying houses and flats quickly in the West Midlands since we bought our first property back in 1999.

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At the time we were living and working in Osaka, Japan. We saved up some money in our first year and then came home for a month in the summer with a dream of buying a flat or house as an investment. From initial viewing to getting the keys it took 3.5 weeks exactly.

We picked up the keys at 3 pm on the Friday, ran to Currys to buy a fridge freezer and then left to go back to Japan on the same evening! Friends and family scoffed when we said we were coming home for a month to buy a property. “It will take 3-6 months MINIMUM they all said”

I thought  ‘I”ll show them’ – If you put your mind to it, work hard, be polite and keep asking questions, then you can get things done a lot more quickly than average. My favourite question as I child was “WHY?” I use this tactic a lot now, especially with solicitors when they are holding up a house or flat from being sold quickly.  “Why can’t we do this deal quickly? What is the hold up? How do we work together to overcome that hurdle?”

Fortunately since 1999, things have become a lot quicker and we can now buy houses even more quickly than the 3.5  weeks it took in 1999. I clearly remember going to the council office in  Baskerville House in Centenary Square, Birmingham to pick up the local searches  so I could deliver them by hand to my solicitor. (I didn’t want anything to go wrong with the post) so I took things into my own hands and saved two or three days. Which meant we met the self imposed tight deadline.

By choosing us you can be guaranteed that we will give you our undivided attention until your property is sold. This reduces your levels of stress immensely. Please rest assured that we understand that getting a quick sale for your house, flat or apartment is vitally important to you and at Sell My House Quickly we will do all we can to make that happen.