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Sell My House Quickly buy houses, flats and land quickly.  Our average time to buy from viewing to completion is  just 3.5 weeks. If you need speed and certainty Sell My House Quickly can deliver. Whether you’re a landlord selling up or a family moving abroad, experiencing a relationship breakdown, facing house repossession, or have inherited a property you don’t want manage. We can help – QUICKLY

Get a cash offer in hours

Call us if you need to sell your house or flat quickly.
Free legals and a cash offer in hours

If you need to sell your house quickly in order to emigrate we can help complete quickly.

Going through a divorce or any kind of similar stressful breakdown and need to sell your property fast?

We can stop your house being repossessed by negotiating with your bank or building society.

If you have inherited a house or flat that your are too busy to take care of you can sell it quickly here.



The best way to contact us is to fill out the form (above) or simply call or email us.


We will do some due diligence & give you a cash offer to buy your property within hours


Using an efficient solicitor is absolutely vital to selling your flat or house quickly.


Simon Zutshi is a legendary UK based property investor who runs the largest property investment training company in the country. 

He is involved with Sell My House Quickly and was instrumental in setting up the Code of Ethics that each network member adheres to. 

Our aim is to bring transparency to the Quick House Buying industry. We are proud to say that we are the largest single network in the UK with almost 500 local experts in every corner of Britain.

Please have a look around the site and contact us if you are thinking about selling your house quickly. 

We pay fair prices for any property FAST


Thinking I need to sell my house quickly? If so, we can definitely help. 

Many people need to sell a property quickly for a variety of different reasons.

Whether you’re thinking “I need to sell my flat quickly” in order to buy another property fast or “I need to sell my house quickly” because of a relationship break up. We will help.

We are part of network the largest Quick Property Buying Network in the United Kingdom. We are one of almost 500 local property experts who specialise in their own local property markets. Each local experts lives and invests in the area your property is in. That’s just one thing that makes us stand out from our competitors.

Cost of Living Crisis Fallout!

Unfortunately the fallout from the cost of living crisis is starting to bite.  Increasing interest and inflation rates,  as well as the higher cost of living has led to many properties not selling. It used to take 3-4 months to sell a propery in the UK. That time is becoming longer. In normal times 36% of house sales fall through and come back on to the market. That is now more like 50% as buyers try to force down the price at the last minute. We promise NEVER to do that. If we agree a price, that is the price.

No Last Minute Low Ball Offers! EVER


Whether you’re thinking ‘I need to sell my house quickly’ in order to buy another property fast or ‘I need to a quick house sale’ because of the break up of a relationship. We can help. Maybe those credit card debts and mortgage repayments  have caught up with you and your house is under threat of repossession? Many of our clients have inherited a property because of the death of a loved one and want to sell fast without the stress of the traditional way of selling a property. If you don’t want to be stuck in a chain or possibly get ‘gazundered’ at the last minute, then we can help

Whatever your personal reasons for needing to sell your flat or house quickly, we can help you. Simply fill out the form above and you could receive a cash offer to buy your property within hours. Our average time for a quick house sale is two weeks, however our record for buying a house from enquiry to completion is 3 days and rest assured our team of professionals are constantly trying to beat this record.

You will receive a no obligation cash offer in a matter of hours. Of course you don’t have to accept this offer, you can always use the traditional method of selling house through an estate agent, however we all know that selling houses in the UK via the traditional method is not quick! According to the National Estate Agency Association it takes on average over 5 months to sell a house! If your circumstances mean that you can’t wait that long and you need to sell your house or flat a quickly, then please get in touch. We may just be the solution you need.

Please read testimonials from happy clients to see how we have helped other people reduce their levels of stress by buying their property quickly

We are part of the SMHQ Network too.

What Kind of People Do We Help?

Professional Property Investors

We often help landlords and investors turn bricks and mortar into cash in a matters of days. 50% of the people we help fall into this category. They usually have a property portfolio and want to raise funds for their next purchase or they are retiring. We offer them tax efficient and stress free ways to retire immediately. They need the speed and certainty that Sell My House Quickly 100 % guarantees.

Relationship Break Ups

Some of our clients are people who are going through a break up or divorce. If you find yourself in this position then rest assured we will deal with your case confidentially and professionally. We undersand you need a quick resolution so that both parties can move on. Many of our staff have been in the same situation and emphathise. We understand what you are going through.

Inherited a Property

Some of our clients have inherited a property and don’t quite know what to do with it. Being a landlord in this day and age is tough. People are busy and just don’t have the time to manage a property, tenants as well as the ever changing legislation. 

Moving Abroad

Some of the enquiries we receive are from those who are about to emigrate to another country. Sometimes they need the money from a quick house sale to help them start their new life or because they do not want the hassle of managing a property from another country

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Properties we bought quickly




Our expert team ensures a seamless and efficient process, tailored to your needs. Fill out the form on our site to get the ball rolling. Our average time from viewing to buying is just 3.5 weeks. Our record is 3 days! 


We have been buying properties and land for in the UK for over 20 years

We are the largest Quick House Buying network in the UK but we have a local property expert who lives and invests in your area. We offer speed and certainty with a personal touch

Our record is 3 days but that was exceptionally quick. Our average time from viewing to completion is 3.5 weeks

Everyone’s situation is different. We assess each property and can pay upto 100% of full market value. We especially like work with people who have more than one property to sell and/or if you have land to or properties with a bit of land where we could extend or build on 

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