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Sell My House Quickly Stoke on Trent

Sell My House Quickly Stoke on Trent

The £1 house that is making Selling Your House Quickly in Stoke on Trent a nightmare! What chance has anyone got of selling their house quickly when Stoke council are selling houses as cheaply as a quid?

Stoke On Trent council tried everything they could to regenerate Picton, an area of Stoke that had become so run down that nobody wanted to live there. Houses were not selling quickly! They are not selling AT ALL!

Then one bright spark decided to try something innovative that had worked in Liverpool. They sold houses for a pound! However, there is a ‘catch’.

Would be homeowners needed to apply and prove that they were local to Stoke on Trent, they were first times buyers, that they were in full time employment and that they had access to funding to make the necessary repairs to bring the houses being sold up to a livable condition.

The scheme aims to change the demographic of the area by bringing working people into the local area and fostering a sense of community. It certainly seems to do that. Stoke on Trent Council said that they were surprised at how quickly the houses were sold and are thinking of expanding the scheme so more houses in Stoke will be sold quickly read this from Stoke on Trent council

Over 120 houses have so far been renovated. Before you think, ‘I can make a killing here’ Stoke on Trent council have stipulated that the new owners cannot sell their houses quickly and make a small fortune. There is a period of five years that you cannot rent or sell the house for.

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Sell My House Quickly Stoke on Trent
Sell My House Quickly Stoke on Trent

Dealt seemingly fatal blows by successive governments since the 80s, Stoke-on-Trent is at last starting to recover, reports Rachel Cooke

Source: The £1 houses and thriving potteries that are making Stoke-on-Trent boom again | UK news | The Guardian