Good Time to Sell Your Birmingham House Fast?

Good Time to Sell Your Birmingham House Fast? Want to know how much your house price has risen in Birmingham in the last 20 years?  The  link below will show you. Interesting reading for anyone who wants to sell their Birmingham House Fast. It clearly shows areas such as Harbourne, parts of Edgbaston and Kings […]

House Prices Up 5% in West Midlands, Birmingham

Interesting article in Birmingham Post on how much house prices have increased in West Midlands, including Birmingham. If you need to sell your house quickly then you should read this

House Prices Up in Aug 2015

Interesting article on house prices with implications for selling your house or flat quickly

Sell My House Quickly BLOG

This is a property we bought recently. The owner moved out because her family had flown the nest, but it wasn’t in the best of areas and it was taking ages to sell it. She agreed a sale, but it fell through we the prospective buyer offered £10,000 less then they had agreed! Then it […]