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Stop House Repossession

Stop House Repossession


Stop House Repossession
We Can Stop House Repossession CALL QUICK!

15% of the people who use Sell My House Quickly, do so because they need to stop a house repossession.

A bank or building society can repossess a property if the owner fails to make mortgage repayments. There are several steps that must happen before the court grants a repossession order including:




Before a mortgage lender can repossess your home, they must:

  • tell you how much you owe
  • consider a request from you to change the way you pay your mortgage
  • respond to any offer of payment you make
  • give you reasons for turning down your offer of payment within 10 days
  • give you a reasonable amount of time to consider any proposal they make
  • give you 15 days’ written warning if they plan to start court action
  • tell you the date and time of a repossession hearing
  • let your council know within 5 days of getting notification of the date of the court hearing, in case you need to apply to the council as homeless

People fall into trouble with mortgage repayments for a variety of reasons; losing secure employment is probably the biggest reason as not having a regular income means that the mortgage becomes unaffordable.

Fortunately at Sell My House Quickly we work with banks, building societies and solicitors to stop house repossessions.

It is almost NEVER too late. Call us now on 0800 2038 or 07812 606 886

There are seven steps that happen before your house or flat is repossessed.

  1. The bank/building society writes to you to say your mortgage is in arrears.
  2. They then apply for a court order for repossess your flat/house.
  3. The court writes to you to give you a date
  4. A judge hears the case.
  5. The court makes and order for repossession
  6. Bailiffs are sent to remove you if you dont leave
  7. Your mortgage lender sells your house QUICKLY.

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