Sell My House Quickly

SMHQ Network Pricing

We have spent a lot of time thinking about a fair price point as well as the ethics of BMV websites.



We looked at each town/city individually, the size of population, geographic location, average house price. Then the regions and counties and categorised them into Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.


The majority of sites will be £500 for the first year. The price you pay is the rent of the site for one year. 




London, UK, England, Wales, Scotland etc.



North London, East London, South London etc.



Nottingham, Bristol, Lancashire, Camden etc.



Watford, Bath, Swindon etc.



Margate, Doncaster, Torquay etc.

Your Area


You tell us which area you’d like.

Free Rollovers?

We’ve been inspired by LNPG, If you don’t get any leads in the first year, we will roll over your subscription to the second year for free. If you don’t get any in the second year, guess what, we will roll it over again, and again and again in subsequent years, That’s how confident we are that you if you follow our advice you will get leads.* 


Can’t Find Your Area?

No problem, just tell us which area you want and we will do it for you for the £500 price. We simply couldn’t buy EVERY town/district or ward. 

Our prices are fully inclusive of:

  • Hosting
  • Email set up
  • 7 page website
  • Fully SEO’d for your area
  • Site Map
  • Security
  • Tips on SEO
  • Tips on adding further pages
  • Webinars with hints and tips to better your website
  • Access to exclusive WhatsApp and Facebook groups
  • Access to Design Packs; flyers, business cards, letterheads, posters etc.

Code of Ethics

You will be joining a network, where everyone needs to treat people fairly, so we have created a Code of Ethics. It’s in place to ensure the same level of interaction and service across the network.
Upon signing up, you agree to abide by our Code of Ethics, and if they are breached we reserve the right to sanction you and may end up revoking access to the site. 

* We reserve the right to ask for domain renewal and hosting at cost for any rollovers.