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Property Website Lead Generation

Property Website Lead Generation and SEO

We launched a few months ago targeting “Birmingham” and a few of the other major towns and cities in the West Midlands. In this short time we have managed to get many Google Page one entries – often getting the top spot and sometimes getting several entries on the first page of Google. In the example below you can see that we totally dominate the term ‘sell my house quickly Black Country‘ – claiming the top 5 spots on the first page of Google. I’m sure you’ll agree this is exceptional!
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This has changed the focus of our own investment strategy. As you can imagine we have received quite a few leads and completed two deals from our efforts, have another couple in the pipeline and a dozen or so that we are keeping warm, waiting for the seller to have a change their mind, something that happens often.

Recently we’ve received a lot of requests from other professional property investors to build sites for them – from all over the UK, so we are pleased to announce that we are now taking orders! We expect to be really busy, so please order your site quickly as we aim to get all sites up within two weeks.

Property Website Lead Generation
Property Website Lead Generation Proven SEO: Google ‘Sell My House Quickly Black Country’ We dominate the natural listings

How Does it Work?

We simply clone one of our local sites, then change the wording so the content reflects the area you are targeting. We then upload the site to one of our domain names that we own (we have bought  & .com for most UK major towns and cities). We will upload YOUR phone number and allocate a personalised & unique email address such as [email protected]  then we will commence our SEO Initial Boost.


The introductory early bird price is just £499 for the first year. We believe this is an unbelievable deal that will really put you  ahead of your local competitors. £499 is cheaper than a medium size leaflet drop or series of local newspaper adverts. Google is the future; more and more people are turning to their laptops, iPads & Phones to Google “sell my house quickly AREA”. We predict that post Brexit, when people start to lose their jobs and the level of redundancies rise, even more people will start Googling that phrase. For just £499 we can put you right in front of those people in your investment area.

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Momoney-back-guaranteeney Back Guarantee

We are so confident that in our ability to get you to Page 1 of Google  that we will also give you a 100% money back guarantee if we don’t deliver. We build our sites in a very simple way to maximise the chances of getting to the top of Google. Too many web developers over complicate designs or make basic mistakes that mean a site will never do well on Google. With us you can be assured that it works, because it is working for us!
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SEO Tips

If you would like to know the secrets to good SEO and getting your site up Google please fill out the form on the right hand side of this page and we will send you our top tips for getting your property site to the top of Google, as well as our Guide to Blogging. Both are packed with handy hints and tips to help you get more leads than you can afford to action! That is the position we find ourselves in right now. We have too many deals and not enough spare cash, so if you are interested in doing a Joint Venture with us, please let us know.


paypalProperty Website Lead GenerationHow Do I Order my Property Website Lead Generation website?

Click the link below to go to our secure payment page. You can pay Via BACS or Paypal.
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Next Steps

You will receive an email from us confirming your order. You should be able to claim the expenditure back as tax deductible (please check with your accountant).

We will send you a simple Word document that you will need to fill out with all the information that is pertinent to your local area, after all, you know your area better than we do. We will also ask you to send us some quality photos that will make your site look professional (please note, if these photos are pixelated and or elongated, we simply won’t use them), please send us decent images that are not distorted. We want the site to look good after all.

Within a two weeks, your website will be up and running and winging its way up Google. We are so confident in our ability to get your new site on Page one of Google that if we don’t, you can request all of your money back.

Why Use Us For Your Property Website Lead Generation?

1 We have a proven track record of building Property Website Lead Generation sites and SEO-ing them to the top of Google. Please Google the following terms:

  • “Sell my house quickly Birmingham”
  • “Sell my house quickly Black Country”
  • “Sell my house quickly Coventry”
  • “Sell my house quickly Wolverhampton”

Where you should see our main site at the top of Google. We know how to SEO sites up Google using ethical techniques. We have a print business where we have used the same techniques for years to deliver leads for us. We haven’t touched these websites for a while as we have concentrating on property but the sites continue to do well and deliver leads for us.

2. Some so called ‘Professional Property Investors’ do not have websites or have even worse,  have terrible websites! Some have spent  £1000’s on sites that look decent but never rank on Google! You can use the site we build as your main website if you don’t already have one.

3. You can use your new website and email alongside your other marketing material such as: flyers, business cards, signs, newspaper adverts etc so that it is all uniform and looks professional. A newspaper advert with “WE BUY HOUSES” and a mobile number just isn’t going to cut the mustard these days. If you can get people from the advert to a professional website then you are going to get a better response.

4. If we don’t get you a Page 1 Google listing we will give you ALL of your money back. A 100% money back guarantee.

5. If you want to update the website, its dead easy. We use WordPress the most popular Content Management System, most people who can use Word will be able to make changes, upload pictures, add pages etc.

6. We will give you a free Skype meeting to discuss further SEO strategies to keep you ahead of the game.

7. You will be able to further improve the SEO for the site on your own, but if you want us to do it, then we can take care of that for you. Please contact us for a quote.

8. We will teach you all we know about SEO, you will then be able to apply these techniques to any other sites you have (or may have in the future).

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Property Website Lead Generation