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How to sell your home when relocating abroad

How to sell your home when relocating abroad

Moving abroad is an exciting time for any family, but it can also be stressful. Although the United Kingdom (UK) is currently locked, it can still prepare for a promising move later this year. If you plan to sell your home when you move abroad, please consider the following tips:

sell your house when relocating abroad

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Consider whether selling is the right thing to do

First of all, it is worth analyzing whether it is necessary to sell. Renting a house abroad is a less risky proposition, at least for the first few months. This means that you may not have enough funds to purchase a property abroad. However, renting a house is a great way to find out where you want to live, and finding a property in the country is much easier than searching remotely.

Choose agents carefully

Leasing (or sales) can be simplified by using a good agent to manage the process. When renting out your property, some intermediaries will charge a fee to manage the property, find tenants, and even arrange repairs for you.

Talk to HMRC

Whether you are selling or renting, it is important that you inform the tax officer of your intentions and seek financial advice. If you are renting in the UK, you may be able to apply for a non-resident landlord scheme with tax incentives. Please note that if you sell your property in the UK after the lease period, you may be subject to capital gains tax.

Time your house sale carefully

If you decide to sell, you must decide whether you want to complete the sale of the house before or after immigration. If you sell your property after immigrating, things may be complicated and you will need someone to help you solve your financial problems in the UK.

Be realistic

Get at least three individual ratings and conduct your own research-don’t just accept the highest rating given. Houses with actual sales prices will sell faster. If your check-in day is approaching and you are not close to the sale, it is worthwhile to lower the sale price for quick sales. You may not get the full value of the house, but in the long run, this means that the pressure will be much reduced.

Think about how to declutter

When you are ready to move to a foreign country and sell your home, there may be many things you will not carry with you. It is important to remember that shipping large items is sometimes more expensive than buying replacement parts. Selling your home or some furniture may be an option. Or, sell as much of your private assets as possible before you leave. When you arrive at your new destination, money will come in handy, and tidy houses are easier to sell. Appoint a reliable relocation company to safely relocate your remaining assets.

Improve your property’s kerb appeal

Although there are many unique things to consider when moving abroad, you are still trying to sell your home, and standard recommendations still apply. By painting the fence, hanging some hanging baskets, or even just mowing the lawn, make sure that your home’s appearance makes a good first impression. You will be surprised at its impact on potential buyers.