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How Can I Sell My House or Flat Quickly? #1

How Can I Sell My House or Flat Quickly?

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This advice is for anyone who needs to sell a property fast.

Preparing your home for viewers, or “staging” as it’s called is important. It will not only ensure your property is sold faster, but can potentially add thousands of pounds to its value

Declutter – but don’t depersonalize

How Can I Sell My House or Flat Quickly?
How Can I Sell My House or Flat Quickly? DECLUTTER NOW!
  • Get rid of all the excess stuff that has accumulated in every nook and cranny. Put it in storage or give it to a friend
  •  People need to be able to envisage what the property would look like if they were living there. People often find this difficult, so make it easy for them to see all the fantastic living space you’re offering them
  • Don’t make it look like a generic hotel; leave some personality. Apart from anything else it gives unimaginative buyers suggestions as to what they might do
  • People are often buying into a lifestyle as much as a property. Show them the attractive side of your lifestyle
  • Consider removing any bulky furniture that makes the room feel small and replacing it with smaller furniture’

Of course the picture is a bit of an exaggeration, but the central message is a good one. If you’re thinking ‘how can I sell my house or flat quickly?’ make sure your property is clean and simple.

If you need to sell really quickly and don’t want to wait the 6-12 months that it usually take through an estate agent, please considering using Sell My House Quickly. You could have a cash offer in a few hours and the cash in your bank within a couple of weeks.

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