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15% Gross Yield Buy Investment Property

Buy Investment Property

Sell My House Quickly have a fantastic 3 bedroom residential investment property available for £50,000. It is rented on 12 month AST for £550 per calendar month bringing a gross yield of 15% per year and a net yield of more than 10% per year.

photo(15)Sell My House Quickly were lucky enough to acquire this property from another investor who needed to sell really quickly in order to put the money into another bigger venture. The seller had been let down at the last minute and needed to sell their flat quickly.

We paid just £26000. The previous owner paid £42,000 for it before the property crash of 2008. At their peak these flats were valued as high as £85,000. Indeed accoring to the land registry two were sold at £80K & £82K

In February 2016 one of these apartments sold for £42,000 at auction.

The property has been significantly improved and has modern central heating with combi boiler. Every window apart from one is double glazed.

We have also found a great tenant paying £550 per month.

This brings us a whopping 20% pa yield which is amazing.” If it’s so good, why are you selling?” I hear you ask?

Good Question: Amazing yields like this don’t come around everyday. BUT we are not selling it for the price we paid.

We want £50,000 for it.

A sale at £50,000 means we are making a tidy profit and being rewarded for doing the hard work of finding a property that needed a quick sale, negotiating that sale, improving the inside of the property so it would appeal to a tenant, finding a hassle free long term tenant, going through all the paperwork with that tenant to make sure your rent will be paid on time each month, we also have a guarantor for the tenant.

If we don’t get the price we want, we will simply keep it, then remortgage in a year or two and save the amazing yield to then buy more investment properties.  Please don’t waste your time  making silly offers as we are not desperate to sell. The price of £50,0000 rewards us for the hardwork we put into the deal and still delivers an amazing yield to you. The average yield is something like 5-6% these days

This deal is perfect for you if you are

  • New to investing and want to buy an investment property
  • Have a bit of spare cash in the bank and want to earn more than the 1% you may be lucky enough to be getting in the bank at the moment
  • If you are looking to unlock some pension money but don’t have the time or know how.
  • Don’t have much time
  • Want to build up a passive income
  • Need an introduction to Buy To Let investing

We’ve done all the hard work. You just sit back and relax and enjoy the profit.

The property is based in the Black Country (exact location is top secret at the moment) the tenant gets £450 housing benefit and tops it up to £550 per month.  She has two toddlers and family who live just across the road. She wants to stay long term and is a great tenant always paying rent on time.

If you are interested please email [email protected] with:

  1. Proof of funds
  2. How soon you’d like to complete the deal.