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We have a history of building Google friendly websites

An investor living in Dubai had a property that was left empty for 4 years. It was unmortgageable and kept getting vandalised, it was a pain for her. We bought that 3 bed property in Birmingham for £50k, She wanted a quick sale so dropped the price on the condition we completed within 3 weeks.

We invested £10K on improving it and 3 months later it was revalued at £85k.
We took £62k out and ended up with a mortgage of less than £200pcm.
The initial investment of £60k went back in to the bank and the remaining £2k funded a family Snowboarding trip to Norway.

We now have 7 properties.

We’re small investors, with big ambition. We have used this site to buy properties and also made money by selling the leads we couldn’t convert, or didn’t want, to other investors.

We’ve built several websites and used great SEO to get the top of Google.

We can’t guarantee anyone a page one entry on Google, but we can promise and crucially EVIDENCE, that our master site has and is achieving page one rankings locally. We will give you lots of hints and tips on how to get your site up the rankings on Google… here’s one for three tips for free… CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT.

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